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Han Dynasty: Tea Drinking Initiated in Southwest China

    According to historical records, at the time of the Zhou Dynasty (1046 B.C-256 B.C.), there were tea plantations operated by people in Sichuan Province, and tea was made and offered as a tribute to the Zhou imperial court every year from that time. However, it has been suggested that, initially, tea was not […]

The Origin Native Habitat Of Tea Plants

Leading paleobotanists and experts on the study of ancient plant fossils, state that Xishuangbanna, in Southwest China, is the original native habitat of tea plants. This is the region in which the first tea trees grew, and from there spread geographically to create the various strains of tea around the world today. The three dominant […]

The longer Pu’er Tea is kept, the more fragrant it gets

    Pu’er tea refers to the tea leaves with unique quality characteristics produced from sun-dried big-leaf tea leaves and processed by special technology within the protection scope of geographical indication in Yunnan Province.  Based on the appearance of pu’er tea can be divided into loose tea and compressed tea. The categorization of compressed tea […]

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