The longer Pu’er Tea is kept, the more fragrant it gets

    Pu’er tea refers to the tea leaves with unique quality characteristics produced from sun-dried big-leaf tea leaves and processed by special technology within the protection scope of geographical indication in Yunnan Province.

 Based on the appearance of pu’er tea can be divided into loose tea and compressed tea. The categorization of compressed tea are tea cake, brick tea, bowl-shape tea and pumpkin-shaped tribute tea.

 According to the processing technology, it can be divided into raw tea and ripe tea. Raw pu’er tea is without fermented. While, ripe pu’er tea is fermented.

The detailed processing technology of Pu’er tea is as follows:

Fixing in high temperature – pile fermentation (ripe pu’er tea only) – drying – blending – steam compressing for molding – drying through baking.

The basic quality characteristics of Pu’er tea:

Ripe pu’er tea:

Thick, sturdy and tightness leaf striations , red and thick by appearance

Red and heavy in liquid with noticeably aged aroma

The flavor is mellow and rich, silky, smooth, sweet aftertaste
Brewed leaves are reddish brown, suitable to brew many times.

Raw pu’er tea:

Thick, sturdy and tightness leaf striations , blackish green by appearance

The liquid is greenish yellow or yellowish-green

The taste is rich and mellow with bitter and astringent

Brewed leaves are big, thick and greenish-yellow.

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