Health Benefits of Pu’er Tea

    The efficacy of Pu’er tea has been recorded in the Chinese herbology book “Compendium of Materia Medica” (also known as Bencao Gangmu) during Ming Dynasty. Traditional Chinese medicine study believes that Pu’er tea has the functions of heat-clearing, heat-reducing, detoxifying, help in digesting, removing fatness, increase urine production, loosening bowel to relieve constipation, eliminating phlegm, expelling pathogenic wind from the body, relieving cough and promoting fluid production, benefiting body strength, prolonging life.

Because Pu’er tea has undergone the transformation process from raw tea to ripe tea, its raw tea has the effects of expelling pathogenic wind from the body, mental refreshing and improving eyesight. While, ripe tea helps body detoxification such as heat-reducing, increase urine production, loosening bowel to relieve constipation and so on. Therefore, pu’er tea has been listed as a kind of good drink with both offensive and defensive to maintain good health.

There are nearly 20 studies on the efficacy of tea in modern medicine such as:

– warming stomach

– reducing weight

– reducing body fat

– preventing arteriosclerosis

– preventing coronary heart disease

– anti-aging

– anti-cancer

– lowering blood pressure

– antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

– alleviate nicotine poisoning

– reducing heavy metal toxicity

– anti-radiation

– prevent caries

– improving eyesight

– help in digestion

– anti-bacteria and anti-virus

– prevent constipation

– neutralize the toxic effect of alcohol

The major health benefits in: protection of gastrointestinal, weight loss, blood lipid reduction, nerve smoothing, prevent coronary heart disease, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and blood sugar reduction are particularly prominent.

Tea is a healthy drink, hence it cannot be used as a substitute for medicine. It is good to drink regularly for maintain good health.

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